Light, Thin And Transparent Bulgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton

Octo ultra-thin series has gradually become the main model of Bulgari Bulgari with increasing richness, as is also the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series shown by octagonal shape by the hand of watchmaker Gérald Genta. Li’s Octo combines the octagonal philosophy with ultra-thin craftsmanship, and overall it comes from a unique aesthetic. Starting from ultra-thin, 2016 began to fully open ultra-thin hollow titanium with rose gold material. In 2017, titanium metal models were added to show people in dark tones. No matter the price adjustment or appearance is more attractive.

Feature one: Avant-garde shell full of modernity
This time without the rose gold bezel, the new titanium Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton faceplate is rounded off, and only the scale is displayed on the periphery of the faceplate, leaving the complete vision of the BVL 128 movement Precision polished parts. In addition, the power reserve display originally placed on the back of the case is moved to the 9 o’clock position of the faceplate, which is next to the small seconds dial at 7:30. It is equipped with a 65-hour power reserve. Boldly combined with aesthetics.

The angular case full of octagonal aesthetics, see more details in watch design

Feature two: stunning thinness
The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton is equipped with the BVL 128 ultra-thin skeleton hand-wound movement in the ultra-thin caliber lineup of Bvlgari. The thickness is only 2.23mm, and the thickness of the entire watch is perfectly controlled at 5.37mm, plus the titanium metal pole. Light weight makes it almost no weight on the wrist. The 40mm diameter and the lug design to match the wrist radian optimize the overall wearing feel, like a one-piece fit.

Compared to the octagonal philosophical design stacked on the front of the previous watch, it is only 5.37mm from the side. The key among them is the BVL 128 ultra-thin manual winding movement

Feature three: industrial wind hollow movement
The hollow line of the movement substrate is composed of straight lines and circles. It has the feeling of a computer fan and a heat sink. The avant-garde technology created by the watch allows the watch to have a masculine atmosphere even though it is an ultra-thin hollow watch. The processing of the Bvlgari skeleton movement here is very industrial, especially from the side of the back. The base plate of the movement is black-plated to match the color and image of the watch. The radiation pattern emanating from the central time-division axis is like a spider web. The ruby ​​bearing part is additionally thickened. The position of the barrel and power reserve is designed as a mesh. Concentric circles, a bit like the feeling of a computer fan and a heat sink, and a design full of science and technology. Of course, they also echo the masculinity created by Octo, making this ultra-thin hollow watch vaguely with a tough guy image.

The hollow design must take into account the perfect polishing of the movement. Bvlgari presents a unique look

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton

Titanium material / BVL 128 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm

Frank Muller’s Most Complicated Watch Mega 4

It took five years to build, 36 functions, 1483 parts, a thousand-year accurate calendar, and a price of 2.7 million US dollars-this is the world’s most complicated watch Franck Muller Mega 4.

 On November 7, 2009, the launching ceremony of Franck Muller Mega 4 watch was held at one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, the Monte Carlo Paris Hotel. Witnessed by more than 400 guests at the scene, Franck Muller delivered the first finished Mega 4 to a customized US guest.

 In 2010, the second Franck Muller Mega 4 watch will also be released recently. Franck Muller plans to show this watch to the public for the first time at the brand’s own WPHH exhibition, including the WPHH exhibition held at Genthod from January 17-23 and March 17-27 (these two are during the 2010 SIHH and Basel respectively ). At that time, Franck Muller will fully explain the details of the Mega 4 watch to the industry and the media

Durable Citizen Eco-drive Es5040-51a Ladies Watch

Citizen is one of the three major watchmaking brands in Japan. It has a long history and is a very attractive brand. The Eco-Drive movement series is a very classic series of Citizen. It has many styles, each with its own charm, and the movement is durable. It is a very popular series.
The watch we are going to introduce today is the Citizen Eco-Drive radio wave series, the official model ES5040-51A. This is a ladies watch with a size of 29 mm. Compared to those beautiful-looking watches, this watch may be too simple, but for people who like simplicity, this is still a good performance and affordable watch. The official offer is 3700, and this price should have won many loyal fans.

The whole is made of silver-white stainless steel, which looks sturdy and durable, and clean and tidy. This can imagine the impression that Japan gives, clean and energetic. In addition to the three hands of the hour dial, hour, minute and second, the white dial is also marked with a scale, giving a very nostalgic feel, retro and classic. I remember that my mother had a similar watch when I was a child, but I don’t remember the brand anymore, maybe it’s not even Citizen.

 The ES5040-51A watch, as can be seen from its series name, uses a light kinetic energy wave movement, energy saving and convenient. This watch is suitable for work wear. For a hard-working white-collar worker, a simple function watch is quite enough, which can not only improve your taste, but also facilitate life. Moreover, its price is already quite cheap, and it should not be difficult for office workers who like it to decide. If you are looking for a gorgeous look, then you may be disappointed, but if you are looking for an affordable watch with good performance, then choosing Citizen will not let you down.
 Watch details: citizen / 22190 /