Sorry, You Can Do Whatever You Want With Money

‘Double Eleven’, which has just passed, was another ‘war without smoke.’ This is a day of women carnival and men crying, so how many women are standing behind Jack Ma? This we do not know. But judging from a series of incredible actions in which he starred in the movie ‘Gong Shou Dao’, and sang with the goddess Faye Wong, ‘Feng Qing Yang’ and so on, we can clearly draw a conclusion-rich can really do whatever he wants.

 There are hundreds of interpretations of this proposition in many of his personal biographies about Ma Yun’s success. The only official biography of Ma Yun, ‘This is Ma Yun,’ written by him, is authored by him. Many years of friends, many people have different impressions on Jack Ma. Or humor, or curiosity, or simplicity, or ‘local tyrants’ … but what does a real Jack Ma look like? Only those who really contact him or even become friends can understand.

 Ma Yun is far away from us ordinary people. The closest link between us and him is Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. As China’s largest online shopping retail platform, its existence has even threatened the development of physical commerce. There can be no other APP in our mobile phone, but no matter how many times the Taobao APP is uninstalled, it will eventually be downloaded. One can imagine the Chinese dependence on Taobao. This year’s ‘Double Eleven’ transaction volume reached 168.2 billion, of which, more or less, you and me contributed.

 Although all this, there is no way to restore Jack Ma’s status as the richest man in the 2017 Forbes China Rich List. On November 16, Forbes released the list of China’s richest man. The top richest person was Evergrande Group Board Chairman Xu Jiayin, and Jack Ma After Lima Huateng, he became the third place on the list. But this does not affect his status in our minds.

 I remember that such a paragraph was popular on the Internet before. ‘Ma Yun regrets the founding of Alibaba and Wang Jianlin’s small goal is to make a million first. Liu Qiangdong’s face is blind and the milk tea sister is not pretty. Most of them are bigger houses ‘, the four’ new four kings ‘who are regarded by the Internet as’ installing the X world ‘. It’s hard to say what kind of mentality this kind of remarks came from. After all, we haven’t experienced their life experience and we can’t speculate on their thoughts.

Song ‘Wind Clear’ Poster

 We can only look at such a group from the perspective of an onlooker, or take Ma Yun as an example, because he easily did what our ordinary people dream of but it is difficult to achieve. Sing with idols-‘Feng Qing Yang’, which is chorused with Faye Wong, is now the top number of new songs on major music charts. Many netizens tease ‘It’s really a hard tuner’, but no matter what, I sing with my idol choir Song may have been the dream of many of us, but a few of us can make it a reality like Jack Ma.

Movie ‘Kung Fu Road’ poster, starring Ma Yun in the middle of the poster

 Starring in the movie ‘Gong Shou Dao’, again, I don’t know if you have such a daydream, become a star, or star in a movie. I used to think this way when I had to change things. And Ma Yun fulfilled his dream of a movie. As an audience, we can only watch this ‘big movie on the Internet’ on the computer, and we are ‘good to be rich’.

 Can riches really do whatever they want? I have given so many examples earlier, in fact, everyone knows the answer. Today in the materialistic society, under the law (but sometimes overriding the law), money can bring more than just doing what you want. The spiritual and even religious satisfaction that it can bring cannot be ignored.

 rapper Jony-J

 To give another simple example, the rappers in a domestic variety show ‘China Has Hip Hop’ have a poor family and slowly climbed from the bottom to the proportion of the rapper and the good rapper. Has anyone done it What about comparison? The premise of playing music is to have money to play. Like Jony-J bean sprouts, GAI, slowly accumulate, few people rely on talent alone to wait for opportunities. In the beginning, most music players rely on not only the so-called ‘talent’, but also the ‘junk’ of music piled up with money.

 Patek Philippe’s classic ad ‘No one can own a Patek Philippe, it’s just for the next generation.’
 Now that it comes to players, there is no shortage of wealthy players in the watch industry. Clocks and watches are a kind of ‘plaything’. In fact, the practical performance of them has gradually faded today. How many people wear watches but never watch time. But sky-high clocks have never been short of buyers. Watches with limited editions are astoundingly expensive and will still be snapped up. I have seen a website before that asks watch players always ask the question ‘Do I need money or leisure to play a watch?’ The answer of most players is-rich. Naked and straightforward, a brick shot wakes up those who do n’t have the money and want to play a good watch.

 Remember this Rolex Paul Newman, who sold nearly 120 million yuan? Ordinary people can only look at them, such as you and me.

 It is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Moon Phase Watch, and there is also an Audemars Piguet on your wrist. Have you got rich?

Richard Mille ‘Black Beauty’, global limited edition, Pan Weibo and Luhan.

 Therefore, it is impossible to buy a good watch without material basis. This is a world of money, a world of ‘ordinary people’ Ma Huateng, ‘nothing’ Wang Jianlin, and ‘I don’t love money’ Ma Yun. When you find in the news and social occasions that the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening, the rich are getting richer and richer, and we are truly nothing, and you ca n’t help but feel a little sad.

 Some people choose ‘Ren Fu’, while others, such as me, choose ‘Progress by layers’ (set a small goal first, of course, not 100 million). Don’t say that some people do not pay attention to the pursuit of higher spiritual levels of material life. Only a few people give up urban life and return to the mountains. First, they already have the material foundation and the spiritual level pursued on this basis. Secondly, the pursuit of spiritual level does require material to build up. For example, if you want to learn a musical instrument, cultivate your rough temperament, and you need money for a piano class. Don’t think that you will learn by yourself. Believe me, if self-study can be successful, the tutoring industry will not be so successful today.

 So ‘step by step’ is useful, at least for most people. Of course, this article is not to teach you how to make more money (if you know I am still sitting here), but to let everyone recognize and dare to look directly at this problem. Since money can really do whatever you want, At least having money can really add a few Patek Philippe and Rolex to your watch box …

Summary: The long story does not preach how good it is to be rich, it just tells everyone how to face this problem, and also reminds everyone, do n’t worry about brushing the website, it is time to make money.

Atmospheric Taste Tasting Mido Commander Series Multi-function Chronograph Men’s Watch

The sun and the moon are shaking, the rivers are flowing, and the years are flowing. Time has changed most ruthlessly, and time has passed the most. For nearly a century, the Swiss Mido watch has been adhering to the brand’s traditional craftsmanship, seeking inspiration from classic architecture, integrating design inspiration into superb craftsmanship, and creating timeless watches. Today, I will bring you a tough and beautiful Mido Commander series multi-function chronograph watch, the official model: M016.414.11.041.00.

   Inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower, this watch follows the exquisite and majestic design connotation, pays tribute to the steel giant in the history of architecture, and interprets the glory of the industrial era with a classic stainless steel case. Since its debut in 1959, this series of watches has been constantly breaking through itself, developing with classic and timeless power, and has long produced a superb masterpiece.

Mido Commander Series M016.414.11.041.00

   This watch has a diameter of 42.5 mm and is made of high-quality stainless steel. The case is equipped with a caliber 60 automatic mechanical movement. The watch’s blue dial shows the normal chronograph, chronograph and day of the week, calendar functions. The watch is tough, outstanding, and versatile. It is now in the Eiffel Tower.

Crown and timing buttons

   The watch’s side is equipped with a delicately crafted crown and two chronograph buttons. The crown is round, the top is engraved with the beautiful name, and the side is decorated with tooth patterns for easy rotation. Crowns make a difference.

Exquisite stainless steel strap

   The watch is equipped with a stainless steel strap with a fine workmanship. The strap is neat. The curtain is replaced with a steel needle to fix the strap, which is easy to adjust and more mechanical.

Elegant and stylish case that looks generous and powerful

   Seen from the side, the case has a wide cut with a very nice and stylish cut. The surface of the stainless steel case is polished to give it a smooth and rich metallic luster, and its excellent quality provides reliable protection for the internal movement.

Blue dial exudes magnificent light and excellent function

   This multi-function chronograph uses a deep and magnificent blue dial. On the dial, multiple small dials are arranged in an orderly manner to display multiple functions. On the dial, there are not only the chronograph, the day of the week, and the date, but also the speed measurement circle on the outer edge of the dial. The dial is symmetrical up and down, the functions are arranged reasonably, the reading is simple and clear, and it is very practical and reliable.

Day and date display, easy to read

   There are two windows at three o’clock showing the day of the week and the date. The week is displayed in English abbreviation and the date is displayed in Arabic numerals; the display is clear and easy to read.

Observatory-certified movements can be clearly seen through the transparent case back

   The transparent bottom cover clearly shows the carefully carved Geneva ripples and MIDO logo on the automatic rotor, and the movement decorated with blue screws is delicate and exquisite, providing strong power for precise movement. Watches equipped with Caliber 60 automatic movement, up to 60 hours, the support of super power reserve makes the multi-function chronograph more durable and powerful.

Summary: This commander series watch innovatively integrates sports elements into classic design, tough and elegant, and dynamic. The watch has very practical timekeeping and speed measurement functions. The atmospheric style makes this watch both mature and attractive in business occasions and suitable for sweating in outdoor sports.