Tennis Match’ Hong Kong Tournament Rolex Spokesperson Li Na Wonderful Dedication

The world-class tennis competition ‘Tennis Masters-Hong Kong Station’ was successfully held on March 3, 2014 at the Hong Kong Bicycle Museum. Rolex’s Rolex brand ambassador, two grand slam winners, Li Na, and Australian, 2011 ‘US Open’ champion Shi Dusu ﹙Samantha Stosur﹚, played fiercely against each other, presenting a wonderful show to the audience, winning warm applause.

(From left to right) Beddy, Li Na, Xiaojian and Shi Dusu appeared at the Rolex Cocktail before the game

Li Na’s unremitting pursuit of sports and perfection coincides with the essence and connotation of the brand that Rolex has been admiring for more than a century. Li Na said, ‘I like the feeling of striving for excellence. With this feeling, I can motivate myself to do my best every time. Passion and the pursuit of excellence are my consistent ideas. This is also what I and Rolex have always maintained. The reason for this perfect partnership. ‘
Earlier this year, Li Na brought another surprise again, dominating the Australian Open for the first time. After winning the French Open in 2011, her second Grand Slam will lead Chinese women’s tennis to a new level. Li Na is the first Asian athlete to win the Grand Slam. As a record holder, with her frank and humorous personality, she is loved by countless fans around the world. Li Na is the embodiment of excellence.

Li Na said, ‘I like the feeling of striving for excellence. With this feeling, I can motivate myself to do my best every time. Passion and the pursuit of excellence are my consistent ideas. This is also what I and Rolex have always maintained. The reason for this perfect partnership. ‘

In order to be solemn, Rolex specially held a reception before the game, banqueting celebrities in the city and important people in the watch industry to celebrate ‘World Tennis Day’, and the appearance of Li Na immediately made the atmosphere in the stadium. After the reception, the duel of life and death on the tennis court was staged immediately. Li Na went all out on the arena and persisted until the last moment. This exciting and exciting game left an unforgettable impression on the guests and audience.

Tag Heuer New Pendulum Concept Table

Calera Pendulum Concept Table (1)
Calera Pendulum Concept Table (2)
The TAG Heuer Pendulum concept watch not only overturns the inherent tradition of the watchmaking world for three centuries, but also represents an incomparable technological leap forward; it completely solves the problems of hundreds of years and greatly improves the accuracy (time division) and performance (Frequency accuracy and stability).
At the same time, it is also the world’s only magnetic oscillator. While maintaining the basic principle of the Swiss anchor escapement, it can completely get rid of the reaction torque provided by the spring, which can generate higher frequencies; it can also oscillate at very fine angles (oscillation (The basic principle of the accuracy of the device) without changing its reaction torque, the theoretical accuracy is significantly improved, and it will not cause geometric deformation.
Calella Pendulum Concept Table (3)
Calera Pendulum Concept Table (4)
TAG Heuer (Heuer) Calera Pendulum concept table design, completely loyal to Calella’s unique and noble rules: sharp angled polished beveled edges, bilateral black titanium steel curved case. The special dial window at 9 o’clock is not only a collection of Carrera, but also a model of breakthrough advanced watchmaking technology.

Raymond Weil Launches The Nabucco Champagne Collection Cuore Caldo Twelve Watch

’12’, the turning point of yesterday and today, past and future.
The Nabucco Champagne City series celebrates this wonderful moment with a masterpiece made of golden letters this year, highlighting the unique meaning of the number ’12’. The Cuore Caldo Twelve watch of Champagne was born in this way, emphasizing that every day is extremely precious, and by cherishing time, we can actually control many changes. Based on the goal of participating in building a better future, part of the sales revenue of this watch will be donated and dedicated to improving the treatment of childhood cancer.

Raymond Weil Nabucco Cuore Caldo Twelve

The Nabucco Champagne City collection is known for its stylish design and perfect proportions, and is known for its unique non-scale time scale on the dial-’12’. The 12 o’clock often appears in Arabic numerals, and sometimes turns into Roman numerals. This year, for the first time, the combination of letters was used to emphasize the speciality of this limited edition: the nabucco champagne Cuore Caldo Twelve watch bears an item as great as its material duty of. In fact, as a watch brand that has been actively participating in global anti-cancer actions for many years, Raymond Weil will continue to support children at the University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland by donating proceeds from the Nabucco champagne city Cuore Caldo Twelve watch Oncology.

Raymond Weil will donate part of the sales revenue of this watch and work to improve the treatment of childhood cancer

As a sophisticated and unique watch, the Nabucco Champagne Cuore Caldo Twelve watch combines the modern temperament of stainless steel with the lightweight texture of titanium and carbon fiber, while injecting the warmth of 18k rose gold. And gorgeous. The 46mm diameter case is equipped with an automatic movement, equipped with two sets of complex functions-dual chronograph hands and 42-hour power reserve display. The black dial, set against the 18k rose gold speed gauge ring, seems to be lit by the golden light of the rising sun. The 12 o’clock hour marker is made of the rose gold letters ‘TWELVE’. The vulcanized rubber strap provides a comfortable, durable and stylish wearing experience. The transparent caseback made of titanium and sapphire crystal reveals the carefully decorated movement of Geneva ripples and round grain. This timepiece is packaged in a special gift box, which can be used with different styles of cufflinks and pens. The limited edition of 76 pieces is sold worldwide, symbolizing the year of the establishment of the family brand Raymond Weil
nabucco’s Cuore Caldo Twelve watch-a heart of enthusiasm, beating with the laughter and laughter of children.
Source: RaymondWeil