Avantgarde Elegant 2019 Sihh Hermès New Products Summary

At this year’s Geneva watch fair, it can be said that Hermes has earned enough attention. It not only brings new series, but also creates new timepieces with young designers. There are always different styles of watches for you.

Hermès Arceau 78 watch

   Since its birth, the Hermès Arceau series has shown a distinctive style and temperament, which is mainly due to its low-key and simple design and simple and elegant lines. This oversized 40mm diameter stainless steel new model has an anthracite grained dial, creamy white indexes and hands, and an original Barénia calfskin strap.

   Swiss-made quartz movement provides ample power for the hour, minute and 6 o’clock date display, while the charcoal grained dial is decorated with creamy white luminous hands and Arabic numeral hour markers, further accentuating the unique style of italic digital design .
   Watch real shot: Cod series watch

   The Cape Cod collection has a square dial embedded in a rectangular bezel. This bold and avant-garde design was proposed by Henri d’ Origny in 1991. The Cape Cod series watches show original and interesting designs and rigorous line appearance. Its avant-garde design has undergone the baptism of time and eventually became a classic icon. In 1998, a watch with a winding double-circle strap was launched with great success. At this year’s Geneva Watch Fair, Hermes once again introduced a winding double-circle strap model to pay tribute to the classic.

   On the white lacquered dial, Hermès’ classic anchor chain is in sight. Two interlaced anchor chains, one made of white mother-of-pearl, revealing a lustrous luster; the other is decorated with 71 shining diamonds. With a diameter of 29 mm, the square dial of this watch is perfect for women.
   Watch real shot: Cod series watch

   This watch has a black lacquered dial with an anchor chain pattern. This pattern is also one of Hermes’ classics. In 1938, Robert Dumas, a member of the Hermes family, thought of designing a jewellery based on anchors and chains. In this way, the first anchor chain bracelet was born. The bracelet has a natural sense of balance and drinking. Today, the anchor chain has developed into a traditional symbol of Hermès.

   The anchor chain pattern in the dial subtly intertwines 71 black spinels and aventurine. The stainless steel case is dazzling with 42 diamonds of VVS quality. Modern design and offset logos complement the slim hands and rectangular bezel set with diamonds.
   Watch real shot: d’Hermes watch

   The designer of the Galop d’Hermes series is Ini Archibong, only 35 years old this year. Ini Archibong grew up in a rich and diverse visual culture, which blends the rich energy, bright colors of West Africa and the golden sparkle of Southern California. The Galop d’ Hermès watch is the success of his first collaboration with Hermès, and it is also the first time that he has entered the watch industry.

   On this watch dial, the silver grained dial and pink silver transfer printed Arabic numerals complement each other. The 40.8 × 26 mm stainless steel case is set with 150 diamonds of about 0.66 carats, and the overall shape is simple and elegant. With a raspberry red shiny alligator leather strap, feminine femininity.
   Watch real shot: Watch information: L’heure de la lune monthly reading time watch

   The new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch, interprets the moon from a unique perspective, and shows the moon phase of the northern and southern hemispheres. On this dial made of aventurine, two sub-dials that display the movement of time around the dial display the mother-of-pearl moon phase disc with the rhythm of the original mechanism mounted on the Hermes-made movement.

   Herma, the origin of Hermes since its inception, also galloped in this dream world with a beautiful pace. The moon phase plate at 12 o’clock is decorated with the Pegasus as depicted by illustrator Dimitri Rybaltchenko; this Pegasus pattern called Pleine Lune (full moon) outlines the fusion of the two worlds ‘magic’ and ‘real’ Transition space-time.
   Watch real shot: The above content is reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the relevant information about the 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by everyone. In the future, we will continue to offer more and more intuitive exhibitions Report, please pay attention.
   2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:

The Big Star Chooses Omega, This Matter Is Related To The Constellation

A little girl replied cheerfully: ‘My volunteer is to be a big star!’ The director of the teaching asked: ‘What kind of big star?’ The little girl smiled like a flower, ‘Nicole Kidd Man! ‘The little girl grew up and wanted to be a big star like Nicole. This is a scene from the 2008 release of Zhou Xingchi’s movie’ Yangtze River No. 7 ‘. Director Cao asked the students what their dreams were. Because of the superstar Nicole, countless people remember this classic bridge. In 2018, you may also hear that many watch brands have begun to cooperate with celebrities: Luhan, Eason Chan, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Wu Yanzu … Borrowing the influence of celebrities to increase the attention of the brand and drive sales. It is a reliable and effective business tool that can stand the test of time. In terms of inviting popular stars to cooperate, the person who has the most say is probably Omega, which everyone knows today-the superstar Nicole, has long been the Omega celebrity ambassador. Nicole’s commercial for the Omega watch 011995, Omega officially signed model Cindy Crawford as its celebrity ambassador, and invited her to China to attend the event. The word ‘supermodel’ was not popular at that time. If it is in accordance with today’s standards, the number of fashion covers or the ability to attract gold, Cindy is undoubtedly the first in the supermodel list. In the era of just entering the fast track of reform and opening up, the world’s supermodels do propaganda, no doubt bringing greater than expected popularity to the Omega China market. Wearing the Omega Constellation series watch, accompanied by a sentence ‘Cindy Crawford’s Choice’, this classic advertising picture remains in the memory of many people. Cindy filmed an ad for the Omega Constellation series of watches. Cindy and Omega have been working together since the 1990s. They also participated in the design of the new Omega Constellation series of watches. Ten years after signing Cindy, Omega has found superstar Nicole. In the first decade of the early 21st century, Nicole was undoubtedly a Hollywood superstar all over the world. Whether it is a film achievement or a beautiful appearance, she has been in the media spotlight. I still remember that ‘Nicole’s Choice’ was the new Ladymatic watch of the Omega Saucer Series. There were huge advertisements everywhere in Shanghai’s commercial district. A college student was planted by Nicole at that time. When Nicole wore an Omega Ladymatic watch ad campaign, she reunited with her classmate many years after graduation. When I saw her, she wore a gold Ladymatic watch on her wrist. 02A month ago, the superstar Nicole, supermodel Cindy, came to China again together. Along with them, there are two omega celebrity ambassadors: Chinese actress Liu Shishi, and Brazilian supermodel nicknamed ‘AA’-Alessandra Ambrosio. The luxury star lineup gathered in Shanghai for the global launch of Omega’s new Constellation Collection Manhattan ladies watch. Omega’s four celebrity ambassadors were in Shanghai Liu Shishi, and they became brand celebrity ambassadors in 2017. Omega is clearly in order to go more stable in the Chinese market. AA is the first time to attend the event as an Omega celebrity ambassador. Everyone understands that signing AA is to better manage the Brazilian and South American markets that are rich in supermodels. Brazilian supermodel AA wears the new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch, plus Cindy daughter and post-zero rookie model Kaia Gerber, you will find the omega female celebrity ambassador, has completed the ‘old middle youth’ all-round no dead end layout. When we look at the high frequency of Omega, especially the Constellation series watches, we should understand that this situation is not without reason, it is the result of Omega’s hard work for more than 20 years. At the Shanghai conference, Liu Shishi shared with us his views on ‘Chinese consumers especially like constellation watches’: ‘Chinese women are very restrained but very tough inside, which is very similar to constellation watches.’ Liu Shishi wears The new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch is probably Liu Shishi’s personal experience when she was on the same stage with three other western women as the only Oriental celebrity ambassador. Different growth environments, age gaps … especially the differences between eastern and western cultures, Liu Shishi does have many differences from Cindy, Nicole and AA. However, the four ambassadors have one thing in common: that they have achieved outstanding results in their respective fields, and are confident, independent and powerful women representatives. The 03 Omega Constellation series was born in 1952, but at that time the constellation watch was really different from today, and the gap was a little big. Except for the Constellation on the dial and the pentagram logo, everything looks no different from a regular round watch. Early constellation series watches have one of the most punctual ‘inner hearts’. Constellation watches are made by Omega for high travel accuracy. The entire series is certified by the Observatory and the dial is printed with the word Chronometer. The back of the case is covered with 8 stars around the constellation emblem of the observatory, representing the eight championships Omega won in the observatory competition from 1933 to 1952, which means that the Omega watch is accurate and reliable. The pattern of the astronomical star logo on the back of the constellation watch has been used to this day, and has become one of the prominent signs in the series. Some people even think that the reason this series of watches are called ‘constellations’ is because of the constellation represented by the eight stars behind it. However, it is not appropriate to understand this way, although the constellation series is indeed inspired by the vast sky. In 1982, a constellation watch named ‘Manhattan’ was born, which laid the foundation for the appearance of today’s constellation series, which is also the source of the new constellation series Manhattan ladies watch released by Shanghai. The first generation of the Constellation Manhattan watch at the time Omega wanted an ultra-thin watch, but also had to take into account the waterproof function. The designer removed the thick bezel, and let the sapphire crystal and waterproof gasket be directly buckled on the case, clamped with four supporting claws and locked with screws. This tool-type claw design has since become the most iconic feature of the constellation watch. After several iterations, the four-claw has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the Shanghai conference, the fifth upgrade of the Constellation Manhattan watch was completed. There were 101 new watches, 25mm and 28mm were quartz watches, and 29mm models were mechanical watches. The new Constellation Manhattan Lady’s Sedna® 18K gold style continues the classic elements since 1982, while the details have been more modified in accordance with modern aesthetics: for example, the bezel ‘thin’, the Roman numerals on it are also much thinner, and All are presented in a vertical direction for easy reading; the claw design is also more ‘slender and thin’, and the case transition is similarly chamfered to make the bezel and the case more naturally and smoothly; for example, the bracelet, the sides of the edge Chamfering, polishing, mirror-polished joints, more refined overall; the new constellation series Manhattan ladies watch bezel, claws, bracelet and other details are refined in addition to appearance, the new constellation series Manhattan ladies watch in accuracy Shang also adheres to its original intention more than 50 years ago: the 29 mm mechanical watch uses the best coaxial Omega chronometer movement. The movement not only needs to be certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), but the entire watch must also complete eight rigorous tests required by the Observatory, including resistance to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. As Liu Shishi said, the ‘inside and outside’ Omega constellation models are very similar to the characteristics of Chinese women. 04 In Omega’s official propaganda, we see that Liu Shishi has been wearing a Constellation series watch. In 2017, it was the newly launched Zodiac Observatory small seconds watch; in 2018, it was just the new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch just released. In 2017, Liu Shishi wore a constellation series Zhizhen Observatory small seconds watch to shoot a large movie. But in reality, Liu Shishi said that she would match different models according to the needs of different occasions. ‘I think wearing a beautifully designed and high-quality watch will make people hope to cherish every moment in life. On many occasions, I will wear a watch.’ Liu Shishi interpreted the meaning of wearing a watch. In daily life, especially when you want to show women’s self-confidence through some neutral wear, Liu Shishi said that she would choose the ‘007 watch’, which is the Haima 300 model, or the Supermaster watch. Although Liu Shishi has always been a ladylike figure, she can see that she is extremely confident and independent. Liu Shishi wears the new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch. This is also the female power that Omega has always wanted to convey through the celebrity ambassador. It is also probably the reason why Omega and Liu Shishi cooperate. In her two years as an omega celebrity ambassador, Liu Shishi said that her biggest gain was her deeper understanding of the meaning of time: ‘These will make me cherish life more, cherish work and every moment.’ Reader group, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]

How Can There Be No Red For The Spring Festival? Three Red Element Watches Are Recommended

The Spring Festival has arrived. In this Spring Festival, it is inevitable to dress up to give yourself a good spirit. From clothing to accessories, different choices bring different mental looks. In this traditional festival, how can the atmosphere of this festival be reflected without red dots? Cater to the festival atmosphere of the Chinese people, with a little red accessories, this is the most correct attitude towards this festival! If you want to choose a watch friend with a red element watch when the Spring Festival is approaching, you may wish to take a look at my recommendation for the Spring Festival watch today, which will not let you down.

Omega Seamaster GMT Watch (Red and Black)

Watch model:
Domestic public price: RMB 84,000
Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Water resistance: 600 meters
Watch details: DG42C9SMCVDCH watch

Watch price: RMB 38,900
Watch diameter: 42.5 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: composite materials such as magnesium alloy, PEEK, and ceramic
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: The Magnesium series has a distinctive personality and publicity, showing its exquisite and agile qualities. The color of the dial is consistent with the color of the case. The red element is enlarged and displayed, which is classic and vibrant. On the three small black dials decorated with snail pattern, the small seconds at three hours, the thirty-minute counter at nine hours and the twelve-hour counter at six hours form a functional landscape . The date display window is located between the four and five hours on the dial. This design makes the reading more convenient and clear at a glance.

Breitling Super Ocean Series A1334102 / BA81 / 228X / A20BASA.1 Watch

Watch price: RMB 44,200
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Watch thickness: 17.2 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 500 meters
Watch details: Breitling / 41637 /
Watch Comments: Of course, everyone’s favorite pilot watch is indispensable. This time, red is used as a marginal decoration of the function plate, adding a beautiful landscape to the pilot watch. The sense of sight of the aircraft dashboard is derived from the contrast of these few red elements. 44 mm stainless steel case, atmospheric and delicate. The three small dials on the black dial have a reasonable layout and are beautiful. Excellent polishing makes the watch’s case and bezel feel very good. With Superocean (red edge) belt, the entire watch looks elegant and stylish.
In summary: the Spring Festival is coming, it is a relatively uncommon choice to go home with a red watch with a strong flavor. If you have a plan and have no specific direction, you may wish to take a look at the three models recommended by the watch home editor today. Red element watch for reference only. Finally, I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!