Vacheron Constantin’s Father’s Day Selection, Deep Father’s Love, Accompanying Growth

It is said that my father’s love is as deep as a mountain. He may not be good at speaking, but with a solid and powerful figure, he guards the family silently, and accompanies me to grow with endless patience and tolerance.
   This is the story of my dad and my story. As time goes by, these memories will not be thin.
   On the occasion of Father’s Day, Vacheron Constantin carefully selected the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series, the Malte Malta series and Historiques historical masterpiece watches, and thanked his father for his love.
Yaqu time-memories in photos
Innocent childhood
There are countless beautiful photos left.
Paper planes flying from the balcony, origami boats by the river in the park,
Flowing time, a black and white photo,
Record childhood star seas with dad.
With this heart, you can cross the sea.

Overseas vertical and horizontal series timing
Model: 5500V / 110A-B481
Price: RMB 224,000
   The Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series chronograph has a black dial and a stainless steel case. The dial is equipped with three small silver dials. The black and white ‘Panda’ visual design highlights the readability of the chronograph indication. The chronograph is equipped with a 5200 self-winding movement with a power reserve of about 52 hours and a water resistance of 150 meters. Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the 22K gold rotor with wind rose compass. In addition to the stainless steel bracelet, the chronograph is paired with two black Mississippi alligator leather straps and a black rubber strap.
Deep time-memory of youth
Growing up, I do n’t understand
You incarnate as a teacher, preach and teach,
Show me the direction of growth.
You watch your time with deep love,
Slowly melt my rebellion and stubbornness.
The best memory, let it go slower.

Malte Tourbillon
Model: 30130 / 000R-B289
Price: RMB 1,168,000
   This barrel-shaped tourbillon watch certified by the Geneva Seal uses a 2.5Hz vibration frequency. The lower vibration frequency makes the oscillation of the balance spring in the tourbillon slower, so that collectors can appreciate the flow of time more carefully. Located at 6 o’clock on the dial, the Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon frame not only gives the timepiece its unique personality, but also shows the remarkable polishing and decoration craftsmanship. This watch is equipped with a manual winding movement 2795 developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It has 169 parts and a power reserve of about 45 hours. The beautifully flowing 18K 5N pink gold case and the exquisite dark brown sandblasted dial are full of details. The black double-layer Mississippi alligator leather strap that matches the color of the dial adds even more elegance to men.
Take it easy-parting memories
Separate airports,
Your eyes are so deep that countless jingle turns into a hug.
Although you are full of perseverance,
But I am also firm and calm, proud of my growth and independence.
Temporary parting, it seems like a thousand years.
The moon in another country should be the same as the hometown?

Overseas vertical and horizontal series ultra-thin perpetual calendar
Model: 4300V / 000R-B064
Price: RMB 590,000
   The Overseas Perimeter Series ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch with 18K 5N pink gold case is only 8.1 mm thick, highlighting its exquisite slimness. The transparent silver lacquered dial is not only equipped with 18K gold luminous hands and hour markers, but also has a perpetual calendar and a moon phase profit and loss display. As one of the thinnest works of all perpetual calendar models of the brand at present, this watch is equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s iconic 1120 QP / 1 movement. This self-winding ultra-thin mechanical movement has 276 parts in total thickness. At just 4.05 mm, it can provide sufficient power for perpetual calendar and moon phase functions. It is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters and a power reserve of 40 hours. Its calendar display function does not need to be adjusted once until 2100. It is a true masterpiece of timepieces. The watch is equipped with a quick-change 18K 5N pink gold folding buckle and a dark blue alligator or rubber strap.
Free time-memories now
After many years, I became you,
Gradually understand the joy and responsibility of your new role,
Understand the pain and love you have when you are silent
Understand your worry and comfort when you say goodbye calmly.
History will remember how long are the years?
May you embrace the beauty of the world and enjoy your time.

Historiques historical masterpieces horns 1955
Model: 5000H / 000P-B058
RMB 555,000
   Historiques historical masterpiece horn 1955 design is inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s first waterproof and anti-magnetic chronograph stopwatch. It uses a platinum 950 case with a diameter of 38.5 mm and is equipped with a delicate polished ‘horn’ design. The opalescent silver central dial is equipped with not only 18K white gold hour markers and hands, but also a 30-minute chronograph dial and a central chronograph second hand. This watch is equipped with a manually wound 1142 movement independently developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It has 164 fully hand-decorated parts and has a power reserve of about 48 hours. Historiques historical masterpiece 1955 with the Geneva Seal certification is engraved with a dark blue generous Mississippi alligator strap and platinum 950 buckle.