The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Hktdc) Will Hold The ‘timepiece Extravaganza’ At The Same Time As The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2013

The world’s largest HKTDC Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 4 to 8, 2013. Based on the success of World Brand Piazza last year, ‘A Collection of International Watches’ ( Timepiece Extravaganza) will be held concurrently with the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2013 as an independent exhibition.
 International watch collections set different strategic exhibition areas. For example, the Renaissance Moment Pavilion presents the peak masterpieces of different styles of watches in Europe. The Chic & Trendy area brings together fashion brands and style watches in different regions. World Brand Piazza is a well-known international watch brand that combines art and top watchmaking technology, showing its world-famous luxury charm.
Hong Kong is the largest importer and the second largest exporter of the Swiss watch market, with a transcendent position. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is the world’s largest watch and clock exhibition. This 30-year-old exhibition attracted more than 17,500 buyers from 91 countries and regions around the world in 2012. (Please click here for our report). This will provide ample opportunities for participating brands to reach buyers from a variety of booming Asian markets.
The international watch collection includes a series of inspiring activities to highlight the creativity and design of exhibitors, including new product launches, model demonstrations of exhibitors’ products by models, and sharing sessions with industry representatives and celebrities.
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Wonderful Crafts Tasting Roger Dubuis Double Flying Tourbillon Hand Engraved Watch

Timepieces have been known for a long time, but after a few years, many brands can’t help but be enthusiastic about the field of high-end timepieces. Energy, so the watch industry is constantly releasing new energy. Roger Dubuis, as a leader in the watch industry, unswervingly pursues avant-garde, breakthrough and elegance, and is a well-deserved master in the field of fine watchmaking. Below, the editor introduces a Roger Dubuis double flying tourbillon watch for everyone, presumably will make more watch fans feasting. Official model: RDDBHO0563

  The Roger Dubuis double flying tourbillon hand-engraved watch has poured the hard work and passion of watchmaking masters and reached the top level of existing precise timing equipment. The brand not only uses it as a timing tool, but also devotes it to high-end A work of art for watch connoisseurs.

  Seen from the front, the Roger Dubuis double flying tourbillon hand-engraved watch combines classic tradition and modern style. With a 45mm 5N rose gold case, the metallic luster becomes more noble and elegant under the light. Nowadays, the large diameter of the watch diameter can highlight the strong wrist of men, personality and fashion.

  Through the sapphire crystal glass, the unique dial design is clearly displayed in front of us. The radioactive hand-crafted engraved patterns let the sun shine, full of energy and enthusiasm. The rose gold inlaid with Roman numerals and the charcoal gray outer ring make people recall the elegant time.

  The watch has Poinçonde Genève (Geneva Mark), which not only represents the watch’s excellent quality, but also recognizes and praises the brand’s exquisite workmanship and excellent performance. There are also Swissmade and RogerDubuis.

  The dual flying tourbillon is the finishing touch of this watch, and it is also one of the high-end skills of watchmaking. Two tourbillons appear symmetrically at the lower end of the watch, full of mechanical sense, and fixed by three screws in the middle. With the sapphire crystal glass surface, you can enjoy the free running of the tourbillon.

  From the side, the rose gold case exudes a luxurious metallic texture, and the crown of the watch seems to be the same as the dial design, harmonious and unified. While twisting the crown, the wearer can feel the sense of achievement that personally energizes the watch.

  This watch is equipped with a warm dark brown crocodile leather strap, which complements the body color of the watch, implying the gentleman’s understated elegance. With a rose gold folding buckle, it is comfortable and convenient to wear, and the length of the strap can be freely adjusted according to the size of the wrist.

  The front of this watch is stunning with a strong mechanical feel, while the back is more like a finely crafted work of art, which makes people appreciate. The metal engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis on the back of the sapphire crystal glass is a special mark belonging to the brand and a feeling of countless watch lovers.

  The new RD100 movement, consisting of 452 hand-finished parts and equipped with a 50-hour power reserve, was born after many development discussions. Its production took 1,200 hours-360 hours of which were dedicated to meeting the Geneva Seal certification standards- , And then underwent a full 6 week test.

Summary: This watch inherits the superb craftsmanship of Roger Dubuis, the splints and bridges are streamlined to the extreme, so as to truly retain the essence, showing a high level of design from the inside to the outside. RogerDubuis currently produces The movement is the best portrayal of the brand’s achievements, and the rich variety of movements shows the amazing creativity of the watch factory. Official model: RDDBHO0563 (picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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Wristwork In Travel Blancpain Ringing Table

What are the ‘magic weapons’ for a travel watch? If you think about this problem and test the alarm clock of Blancpain, you will find that it can meet your needs. All needs.

   Winning Magic 1-Two time zone displays (travelers need to know both the departure time and the destination time);
   Winning Magic 2-The destination time must be displayed more prominently than the departure time (after all, for travellers, all subsequent activities are arranged based on the destination time, so the destination time is Display is particularly important);

   Winning magic weapon 3-must ensure that the destination time can be adjusted accurately and flawlessly, and the positioning of the hour hand must be in one step (to avoid the anxiety caused by the adjustment of time to disturb other passengers in the first class);
   Winning Magic No. 4-The departure time must be displayed in 24-hour format (in case you accidentally call 3am as 3pm and call your wife-‘Oh, oh, sorry, dear, disturb your dreams, right?’ );

   Winning Magic No. 5-The date display can be switched freely when the destination time passes at 12 midnight (Are there any other ways?).
   Winning magic trick 6-alarm (French: réveil) function (this is the only tool that passengers can rely on when suffering from jet lag. Do you really expect the 18-year-old hairy guy at the front desk of the hotel to help you call early? );

   Winning magic weapon 7-the numbers and hands on the watch must be clearly visible in the dark );
   In the end, the power-saving display of alarm No. 8 (alarm clock) is not necessarily innocent. Alarm strikes due to insufficient power will undoubtedly cause disaster.

   Such a powerful and complex watch is not something that can be achieved overnight. Its movement Cal.1241, its concept has been brewing for 12 years! At the same time, the birth of this watch is not through the innovation and reconstruction of existing models, but Blancpain from the beginning, carefully designed system. Only by carefully deconstructing all the functions of this watch-including the alarm function, Greenwich Mean Time, the wheel train (spring) and power reserve of the watch-can we deeply understand its long and extraordinary development course.

   Many of the components of a modern watch can be computer-aided at least during the basic design phase. As long as the movement designer has powerful program software, he can design the balance wheel, escapement, gear train and other components. However, the design of the self-sounding watch is not so simple and easy. The sounding mechanism of this alarm clock is both pleasing and touching, which can be described as ingenious. This exquisite skill was finally honed after trial and error and trial and error.