130th Anniversary Limited Edition Commemorating Bvlgari Bulgari Glory History

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the brand, BVLGARI has launched a unique limited series in Rome. The theme of this series is to pay homage to Rome, not only because Rome can best represent the brand style of BVLGARI, but also to pay tribute to the birthplace of BVLGARI and its source of inspiration. The majestic architecture of the Eternal City has inspired the design of Italian jewellers; today, these symbolic symbols have been reinterpreted, resulting in a 130th anniversary limited edition-which includes not only the iconic Serpenti High-quality jewellery, various B.zero1 rings, time-accurate watches, various accessories decorated with precious materials and precious stones, and a new perfume series full of Mediterranean flavor.

Extreme charm, eternal enjoyment

On the occasion of its 130th anniversary, BVLGARI Bulgari created a necklace called Ultimate Temptation in commemoration of the brand’s most iconic symbol, meaning the brand’s eternal continuity.

The viper is constantly changing in its growth, but it has never changed its original appearance. Just like the BVLGARI jewellery with the theme of SERPENTI, it has never lost its true character despite years of change.

With its dazzling light and gentle shape, “Extreme Charm” seems to express the subtle connection between women and snakes: SERPENTI necklaces embellished with gemstones are wrapped around women’s necks and instantly merge into one. For a while, the secrets of those women hidden in the body, because the necklace was revealed, the tail of the SERPENTI necklace not only showed off the incomparable nobility, but also seemed to announce the sexy hidden treasures waiting to be explored.

Shaped diamonds over 60 carats are randomly engraved into unique patterns. The precision inlaying process achieves a perfect balance of manual design and natural formation. 70 diamonds are arranged in sequence along the tail of the serpentine shape. Beautiful pendant.

Perpetual Legend: SERPENTI Fine Jewellery Pendant

As the brand’s most symbolic jewelry, BVLGARI created three Serpenti diamond necklace pendants to re-awaken people’s fond memories of this jewelry shape.

In the main part of the three-piece chain, its gently shaped necklace is set with a total of 20.35 carats of diamonds, and it is also decorated with gems of different colors-whether it is red tourmaline, garnet, or emerald. Beloved by jewellers.

The choice of three gems not only reflects BVLGARI’s bold creativity in color selection, but also highlights the brand’s favor for gems with large volumes and different cutting processes.

碧 Red tourmaline with a total weight of 13.86 carats is cut into geometric pendants, which enhances the color’s facet, transparency and saturation. The 30.97-carat garnet is cut with a drop-shaped pear shape to make it more gentle, round, and emit a unique light, which is rare among gems of the same weight. With a total weight of 23.75 carats, the emerald on the left is completely free-cut and cut, not only retaining the original shape of the gem, but also making it look like a green drop of water, adding a wonderful beauty.

的 Eternal Ring from the Eternal City: B.zerol ROMA

纪念 To commemorate the ancient city of Rome, which has inspired BVLGARI for many years, the new B.zero 1 ring was newly launched on the 130th anniversary of historic significance. The ring is cast in rose gold, and the bronze porcelain ring is surrounded by four ring designs. The new product of the B.zero1 ROMA series has become an eternal link to celebrate the birthplace of BVLGARI Bulgari, Rome, the eternal city.

The B.zero1 ring launched at the end of 1999 is a fusion of BVLGARI’s two distinctive jewelry design styles: Tubogas technology and BVLGARI logo. As a tribute to the city of Rome, the craftsmen crafted the highly symbolic logo to show the continuation of the city’s former glory. The newly launched B.zero 1 ring, and the BVLGARI ROMA logo engraved on it, bring people to the hall of BVLGARI jewelry creation. The streamlined beauty and round shape of the new B.zero 1 ROMA symbolize the eternal continuity, reminding people of the famous masterpieces of ancient Roman architecture-the ancient Roman arena, the Holy Angel Castle and the Pantheon. The round beauty transcends history with grace and indomitable power. Their presence on the B.zero 1 ROMA ring is perfectly presented. The design of the jewellery is inspired by past history and today’s style. For Rome, this ring represents the essence of 130 years of artistic development.

Timeless style: the new BVLGARI Bvlgari watch

VBVLGARI Bulgari’s long and prosperous jewellery creation history is naturally revealed in the design style of its watch series. Its watch collection combines the extraordinary creativity, rich emotions of Italian designers, and its respect for absolute precision and the strict standards of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

BVLGARI Bvlgari pays tribute to its birthplace, the Eternal City of Rome, this time a new BVLGARI ROMA men’s watch is particularly the focus of the commemorative edition of the watch series. This watch released in 1975 can be described as BVLGARI’s entry into the Swiss watchmaking industry and a new era of commemoration: the BVLGARI logo carved on the case back became a design highlight.

腕表 This watch is available in rose gold or white gold and comes with a tourbillon version.

Carbongold-The most representative model of the BVLGARI watch series, which debuted in 1993 and was launched again in 2005. This time it was re-created with a gold and plastic composite coating.

全 Two full OCTO watches, launched on the special anniversary of the 130th anniversary OCTO Solotempo and OCTO Velocissimo two versions. OCTO Solotempo uses the self-winding mechanism Solotempo developed, developed and produced by BVLGARI, while OCTO Velocissimo uses the manufacturer’s Velocissimo movement. Both pieces are crafted from a rose gold case with a crocodile leather strap.

OCTO Solotempo and OCTO Velocissimo have very different characteristics. OCTO’s unique shape is inspired by ancient cultural totems-for centuries, both in the East and the West, the octagon has been a symbol of perfection, balance and harmony.

The 130th Anniversary Edition Women’s Watch is a tribute to the history of BVLGARI’s brilliant jewellery watches.

The new BVLGARI Bvlgari Catene watch is made of white gold and set with a total weight of 27.97 carats and 887 round and baguette-cut diamonds. It was created by BVLGARI Bvlgari Royal craftsmen in more than 2000 hours. The flowing lines of the double bracelet look like the second layer of skin around the wrist.

The iconic Serpenti watch has become one of the most enduring symbols in BVLGARI’s creative history. This time, three rare gem versions were launched. Each watch has a concealed case on the head of the snake, combined with sparkling diamond inlays to match turquoise, agate or coral. With bold color and gemstone combinations, they become the perfect expression of BVLGARI style.

The 130th Anniversary Women’s Watch also introduced two Diva watches with diamonds set in white gold. One is embellished with bright emeralds and sapphires, and the other is embellished with red tourmalines and sapphires.

Eternal Sign: BVLGARI

中 Among the series launched in commemoration of BVLGARI’s 130th anniversary, the new Icona10 handbag is a tribute to BVLGARI’s successful starting point-BVLGARI’s flagship store in Rome at 10 Via dei Condotti.

时尚 Stylish and sophisticated handbags are inspired by the unique contours of ancient Roman architecture. Made from agate-like matte gloss and smooth and supple crocodile skin, Icona10 is designed for vibrant, sophisticated women.

Limited editions are available in dazzling pink tourmalines, bright orange garnets and deep blue topaz. This bag is also embellished with the famous twisted lock inspired by Parentesi. The twist lock is made of band-shaped agate stone, which becomes an elegant expression of feminine charm.

There is also a unique work in this commemorative edition, which has become the essence of BVLGARI’s unique accessories creation style-on the crocodile leather with agate-like matte gloss, paved with diamonds, with evocative emerald green tone, Presents an amazing sense of weight.

Inspired by two unique sunglasses from Serpenti: one made of rose gold and gray acetate fiber, and the other made of white gold and transparent acetate fiber. The frame design of BVLGARI Bulgari is inlaid from the frame support to the temple position with a rhinestone frame, and the BVLGARI ROMA logo is re-interpreted to show the commemoration of the 130th anniversary. A must-have accessory for the season, this sunglasses collection re-uses the basic hue of precious gems and introduces two two-tone shapes-deep amethyst, transparent emerald, and deep sapphire, all styled with accessories Available in elegant rose gold black.

OPERA PRIMA: the beauty of luxury jewelry

Opera Prima, an elegant sandalwood fragrance with unique feminine charm. The body of the bottle is sculpted exclusively by the master craftsmen of the Italian brands BVLGARI and Venini. The transparent bottle created by the skilled glass maker evokes long-lasting memories of ancient Rome’s binaural jars containing gems, spices and floral fragrances. The dazzling colors are vividly combined and decorated with a total of 250 carats of citrine, more than 25 carats of diamonds and 4.45 carats of amethyst. The gems are cleverly set on gold, and the gold color of the bottle naturally blends into multiple layers. Between the glass. Created by perfumer Daniela Andrier, the fragrance is like a Mediterranean scented ocean. The unique aromas of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom are amazing.